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Addo Elephant National Park is one of the world’s great conservation success stories and embraces one of the highest concentrations of big game in Africa and thus offers some wonderful game viewing opportunities.

In addition to the famous elephants of Addo there are also lion, buffalo, black rhino, hyena, jackal and a variety of antelope species. Of the smaller animals the surricates and the flightless dung beetle are of great interest. Over 150 species of birds have been recorded in the area.

The vegetation that one encounters in the area is known as “Valley Bushveld” – this is a biome unique to the river valleys of the Eastern Cape. The plants are tough and drought resistant (Addo’s average annual rainfall is 385mm) with a high proportion of succulents much loved by elephants, black rhino and kudu. Per cubic meter, Valley Bushveld is able to support more animals, birds and insects than any other biome on earth, in addition, one of the dominant plant species here, the “Spekboom” is one of the worlds best carbon converters!

There are various game viewing options available in Addo and the surrounding area as well as some exceptional cultural encounters:

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Please note, all rates include VAT and are subject to change without notice. The success of most of these tours is dependent on favourable weather; as a result, in the event of inclement weather a tour may be cancelled at short notice. Occasionally, on the advice of the ranger, we may vary the departure time of a safari to ensure that the guest gets the best possible experience.